EZ Lift Rescue System Reinvents the Standard Backboard
The Challenge: Traditional backboards are devices made from rotational molded
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and used by Firefighters and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel to immobilize, stabilize, and lift patients at a trauma scene from the ground to the gurney. Backboards may look simple but their functionality has not been challenged for more than 50 years. They serve their purpose – they are lightweight, durable, easily stored, decontaminated, and transported. At the accident scene they provide a convenient way to stabilize, immobilize, lift, and transport patients without exposing them to further injury. At the hospital they are compatible with imaging equipment and provide an easy way to move the patient from the transport gurney to the emergency room gurney.

EZ LIFT Channel

  • ONE in FOUR EMS/Fire Rescuers will have their careers ended within the first four years of service due to a back injury.
  • Lifting represents at least 25% of back injuries for emergency rescue personnel
  • The average back injury claim costs upwards of $25,000
  • Serious cases often soar about $85,000 in costs