Our Causes

Paying It Forward
EZ LIFT Rescue Systems provides breakthrough technologies to reduce injuries to EMS workers. Because we appreciate what you do and we take our participation in the EMS Community seriously we also support a range of activities designed to Pay It Forward.

Buy It Back Initiative
You choose to work in a tough profession. We know that you’re motivated not by money, but because you’re driven to help people. At EZ LIFT Rescue Systems® Inc., we are also working hard to build our company around helping others. We started by designing and manufacturing EMS equipment with the safety of the EMS rescuer in mind. Our goal is nothing less than to create and build breakthrough technology that reduces injuries to the EMS workforce.

When you outfit your crew with the EZ LIFT Rescue System we want to help you pay it forward because the only thing worse than not having an EZ LIFT Rescue System is not having any backboard at all.

Unfortunately that’s the case in too much of the world so we’re implementing our Buy Back Initiative, a simple program to deploy your traditional backboards into communities where resources are simply not able to afford any patient immobilization. 

Imagine a community that has nothing but old sheets or towels to lift injured patients; a place where rescuers may need to carry a patient many miles to a hospital in a car or even on a simple cart.  At EZLRS, we want to keep your traditional backboards out of the landfill and put them into the hands of those who may not have access to even the most basic emergency equipment.

We will recycle the equipment you replace with the EZ LIFT Rescue System by collaborating with Giving Partners, who will help us identify deserving communities and EMS Systems that are in need of basic supplies. In return, EZ LIFT Rescue Systems will offer you, a $30 credit for EACH traditional backboard that you can use toward your next order – and we’ll even pay to ship them to somebody who needs it. By sending in your old backboards you are not only keeping it out of a landfill, you are helping to strengthen and complement existing public health infrastructure in communities that need it most.

Simply call EZ LIFT Rescue at (435) 214-7141 to place your order and arrange to trade in your old equipment. You can use your equipment credit to purchase new EZ LIFT Rescue Systems and / or any of our disposable products. There is no limit to your equipment donation; you can donate one traditional backboard for every EZ LIFT Rescue System you purchase - and we’ll carry the credit as long as you need it.

Your crew gets out of the Danger Zone with the EZ LIFT Rescue System. You get a credit to use on the equipment and supplies you need – with no risk and no cost even for shipping your used backboard(s). A deserving community gets much needed equipment. Let’s do something good together and pay it forward – it’s the way we all succeed together!

Corporate Giving
We have created a range of community service and giving programs that support Fire and EMS communities around the world. We provide equipment and, on occasion, money to programs that are focused on improving the lives of the EMS workforce and their families and that provide basic health and human services to those in need.

Educating the next generation workforce that designs and builds our equipment or becomes the next generation EMS workforce is a critical part of who we are. The EZ LIFT Rescue System was developed at the BioInnovationGateway (BiG), a partnership between Granite Technical Institute and the Utah Science and Technology Research Initiative (USTAR). BiG High School Students actually built your EZ LIFT Rescue System and, in the process, learned about manufacturing and design, quality systems and EMS standards and procedures. The EZ LIFT Rescue System engineering was supported by University of Utah graduate students who participated in everything from materials selection to product design and materials sourcing. We make every effort to include student intern participation in every aspect of our business from design to marketing to manufacturing.

EZ LIFT Rescue Systems is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and actively works to reduce the impact our business has on the planet. For example, our boxes are made from 40% post-consumer recycled cardboard – and we encourage you to re-use them to ship your used backboards to deserving communities through our Buy It Back Program. We sell low-cost re-usable bags that can be used for shipping and storage of your EZ LIFT Rescue System. And we ship every product with carbon offset shipping to ensure we do our part to reduce pollution.

EZ LIFT Channel

  • ONE in FOUR EMS/Fire Rescuers will have their careers ended within the first four years of service due to a back injury.
  • Lifting represents at least 25% of back injuries for emergency rescue personnel
  • The average back injury claim costs upwards of $25,000
  • Serious cases often soar about $85,000 in costs